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Webmaster - Infos
gyslogo.gifGuppY - Compatibility, issues and technical notices

I. Compatibility

To work properly, GuppY needs that your web browser can manage correctly CSS stylesheets and HTML version 4.

GuppY should work properly with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Safari and many others. It was tested with these browsers, so your feedback with other browsers will be more than welcome

II. Known issues

- New WYSIWYG editor that comes with version 4.6.17 is CK Editor.It is compatible with most latest generation browsers and Windows, Mac, Linux.

- GuppY should now (since version 3.0) be fully compliant with IIS, which has not yet been tested.

III. Technical notices

1. e-mail

Some web hosts do not work with the standard PHP mail() function, but with a modified version (like or for instance) or with a tricked version (like for instance, see next paragraph). As from version 2.4 of GuppY, these e-mail functions can be set up in a dedicated inc/mail/ directory.

If you write such a script for a web host specific function (see the and to learn how to proceed), the GuppY development team would be more than happy to receive a copy of it.

2. specific e-mail

Now Free uses the standard php mail function. Then you don't need to use "protomail".

3. Files upload

Some web hosts disable the HTTP file upload functionality. Then, the Upload admin functionality will be useless. Upload your files on your site using your FTP software.

4. Content sharing between sites in RSS format

Some web hosts limit the PHP include() function to access only internal files, not files from another website.
Then, the news sharing module between sites in RSS format will not work.

5. How to access to the mobile version of GuppY

If your site is accessed this way : (for example), then the mobile version (which is a lightened version of GuppY aimed for PDA users and blind people) is easily and automatically accessed this way : Just put a link in your web site for telling your mobile visitors how to access it.

6. Follow-up e-mail to more than one receiver

An example of a function which sends follow-up e-mails to more than one receivers is given in inc/mail/
Be careful that you have to edit the inc/mail/ file (with any basic text file editor) and input the additional names and e-mail addresses (and perhaps correct the mail function).

Creation date : 06/12/2004 @ 04:00
Last update : 23/03/2012 @ 17:40
Category : GuppY
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