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gyslogo.gifGuppY - Versions history

v5.0 (AND following ones, perhaps not all of this wish list will be done in that release)
- currently under development -
- Overall objective: with the 4.x series, we achieve a functional maturity level. Now, we will focus our work on new technicals for more user friendliness and better managing. KISS...
- Optimization of standards compliance
- Take care of your suggestions posted on FreeGuppY


v4.6.19 - 30 March 2012

This non-cumulative patch 4.6.19 fixes a critical flaw, released and intended for any previous version of GuppY.
You MUST IMMEDIATELY install this fix for the security of your site.

We added some new features or corrections:

- Corrected function WriteDoc, thanks jchouix
- Added social networks, thanks Saxbar
- Added initialisation DBLOGL in install/cleanup.php, thanks Icare
- Replaced Close by $ admin458 in admin/inc/archbatch.php, thanks Icare
- Updated pages/db_guppy.txt, thanks Icare
- Correction in config8 config9 and sliders on the body, thanks Saxbar
- Correction in config2, deleting $page[24] for the cursor in the body and cursor:hand, thanks Saxbar and tonton_christian
- Added an additional step in the install directory migration scripts, in order to comply the datas with php5 (based on the script of the data-mill), thanks Saxbar, Icare, and JeanMi.
- display of lateral and central titleless boxes (if title's empty) thanks Saxbar.

BEWARE: all files of the skins in the GuppY pack have been updated including no_skin to prevent display of box title if it's empty.If you've customised one or all of your files, then you have to make a backup not to lose them by overwriting.

Many thanks to all contributors to this patch


V4.6.18 - 09 February 2012

Integration into GuppY of private groups has induced a number of disorders. Some vulnerabilities have still been detected in the version 4.6.17.

We therefore propose version 4.6.18 which fixes these flaws and some squeaks.
This version also includes some new features.
Installation of this version is essential for data security of private groups, and to control the registration of members.

The following changes have been achieved in this patch:

On the tracker :

FS # 384 - Added missing font sizes in admin / editors / guppy_ckconfig.js (thanks François Saxbar)
FS # 387 - Remove inc/ (thanks JeanMi)
FS # 388 - Fixed forum answer thread management (thanks linuxmr, Saxbar)

  On the forum:

- Added $supervision10 admin/inc/config5 in email to moderators / administrators in supervision (thanks tonton_christian, Saxbar)
- Fixed php4 compatibility admin/inc/ (thanks Laroche)
- Added $ supervision10 in admin/inc/ (thanks tonton_christian, Saxbar)
- fixed file admin/inc/ (thanks Papinou)
- Added correction patch for download.php and dwnld_pr.php  (thanks Laroche)
- Added width choice of CK Editor in services config (thanks Saxbar)
- Changed inc/ for editor width and changed version (thanks Saxbar)
- Correction of $typ illegal value for blog, news, guestbook, and $screen_choice (thanks Saxbar)

Other changes and improvements:

- Removed short tag line 236 of admin/inc/ (thanks Laroche)
- Changed language file .fr and en.
- Added confirmation request to unsubscribe from the newsletter. (Thanks Saxbar)
- Fixed $uwebsite, deleted welcome message display in case of modification, correction reference to admin (thanks Laroche)
- Private groups Control for forum archiving (thanks Saxbar)
- Fixed calendar adjustment iframe (thanks Saxbar)
- Fixed XHTML validation link (thanks Papinou)
- Changed copyright display bpage and maintenance (thanks Saxbar)
- Changed members registering control (thanks Saxbar)
- Fixed display icons for plugins allocation rights (thanks Saxbar)
- Display of active services for granting collaborator permissions (thanks Saxbar)
- Deleted old boxes in profile changing area (thanks JeanMi)
- Added time zone (thanks Saxbar)
- Correction of date_default_timezone_set >= PHP 5.1 (thanks JeanMi)
- Initialisation of default time zone at "Europe/Paris" (thanks JeanMi)
- Correction of function IsPrivateForumCat() (thanks Saxbar)
- Fixed IsPrivateForumCat() function (thanks Saxbar)
- Changed variable $obgo (thanks Saxbar)
- Correction of private forum management for mobile phone. (thanks Saxbar)

Many thanks to all contributors to this patch.


V4.6.17 - 21 October 2011

This includes patch_nc_4617 corrections, improvements and innovations.

What's new:

- Insertion of CK Editor 3.6.2 as WYSIWYG editor in GuppY (thanks jchouix)
- Adaptation of the mobile phone part to private groups (thanks Saxbar)
- Added flags of all countries in inc / lang (thanks François)
- Added batch addition of new members to a private group (thanks Saxbar)
- Created directory inc/inchead to allow automatic include of php scripts or html at the top of the page (thanks Saxbar - Laroche)
- Creation of a directory inc/incfoot to allow automatic include of php scripts or html at the bottom of the page (thanks Saxbar - Laroche
- Creation of a link to the FAQ, download and links, add the thumbnail hyperlink in inc/img/general (thanks Laroche)


- Fixed characters to display country flags in log (thanks François)
- Change display of config look and config style (thanks Saxbar)
- Fixed calendar iframe display (thanks Laroche)
- Fixed "read more" display for the blog and the news on homepage (thanks Laroche)
- Optimization of Webmaster display box (thanks Saxbar)
- Correction of link making after search for planner and forum in search.php (thanks Saxbar)
- Correction of misprint in Deletion of  &nbsp on line 315 (thanks JeanMi)
- Updated and added language files in the inc/lang/,,
- Fixed printfaq.php limited to the FAQ (thanks Laroche)
- Optimization of skin header Island display (thanks Papinou)
- Change pages display for printing (thanks Saxbar)

Securing private groups:

- Fixed private downloads (thanks Laroche)
- Correction of research to respect private groups data.(thanks Laroche)
- Fixed forum, private subjects, live forum display. (thanks Laroche)
- Possibility of having a forum without categories if not using private groups (thanks Laroche)
- Modified the creation of a private section in the forum by a simple check box and creation of the corresponding private group PR.

We recommend installing this version 4.6.17 for the complete security of your private groups, deleting the file/private folder and using of a personal sub-directory in /file for private downloads.
Reading the file readme.html and tutorial on the use of private groups is essential.

Caution - As with any new version, remember to update your plugins, reinstall or do your forks again, revalidate your configuration pages.

V4.6.16 - 02 September 2011
Patches and security version 4.6.16

Integration of private groups within GuppY has led to a number of disorders and especially security flaws that were not detected during the beta testing.

We therefore propose version 4.6.16 which fixes these flaws and some squeaks.
The installation of this release is essential for data security private groups.

On the bugtracker:
# 366 - fix vulnerabilities to private forums and downloads (thanks jchouix, Laroche, Pascal31)
# 367 - fixed display online forum (thanks jchouix, Laroche, Pascal31)
# 365 - fixed inconsistency creating data / temp (thanks hpsam)
# 363 - fixed display boost in (thanks Papinou)
# 372 - fixed typo in forum.php (thanks JeanMi)
# 374 - taking into account optimization of languages ??in fck editor (thanks jchouix)
# 375 - change management record of the members (thanks Laroche)

- Fixed icon frame in (thanks Papinou)

# Header correction in
# Correction of language files -fr and -en
# Correction of latest news display on homepage (thanks Laroche)
# Correction of display and treatment of private downloads,
   Creation of a sub-directory file/private with. htaccess to secure private downloads to be placed in this directory private (thanks Laroche)
# Change configuration files to control the creation of categories of private forum (thanks Laroche)
# Optimization of block quote box display in every pack of skins (thanks Papinou)
   Attention: If you have customized a GuppY skin pack without changing the name, you must rename it before installing the patch or lose your changes.
              Style.css files and in each skin have been changed.

Many thanks to cece45 for pointing out the flaw in private forums.

We still have to adapt the "mobile part" of GuppY
Warning: Delete the folder "mobile" is required when private groups are used.

With these corrections, if you do not configure or use private groups, the operation of GuppY is unchanged.

Note: It is essential to read the instructions above, and the readme.html Private_Groups_Tuto.pdf or readme.txt that come with the pack

v4.6.15 - 01 July 2011
On the bugtracker:
- # 327 - removal htaccess error 401
- # 340 - is the addition of HR tag - thanks jchouix
- # 357 - fixed number of days the previous month - thanks jchouix
- # 358 - correction taken into account in domaine.domaine web address - thanks jchouix
- # 359 - fixed validation error - thanks jchouix
- # 360 - removal PGeditor access source code - thanks jchouix
- # 361 - improvement in partial display new page and permalink - thanks Laroche
- # 362 - improved display part of the year blog home page - thanks Laroche
- English Forum: Fixed typo in inc /
- Suggestion Box No. 234: Fixed date display day event (other than d / m / a) - thanks Quefer

- The management of private groups of users - thanks Icare - thanks JeanMi

V4.6.14 - 14 February 2011
Copyright - Version
-1- Update, year copyright inc/
-2- Update, year copyright inc/
-3- Update, version inc/
On the bugtracker:
-1- FS#348 - The editor icons are missing in tinymsg
-2- FS#347 - Position of the tooltip linked to the class ‘pop’
-3- FS#354 - Report of graphic bug and correction.
-4- FS#340 - Suggestion box : about the addition of the HR tag
-5- FS#338 - Blocked topics at the top do not stay there
-6- FS#329 - Plugin connexion speed
-7- FS#341 - In French, there are two $web434 and no $web435
-8- FS#337 - At Free, control of last version fails
Suggestion box:
-1- Reaction n°217 - admin/inc/ correction
-2- Reaction n°206 - Correction of file inc/
-3- Reaction n°202 - Modification of admin/inc/, by adding article title in Admin - Articles reactions
- Addition and update of PgEditor 2.5.1 - Correction Opéra bug

FS#355 Correction of security flaw by Antoine CERVOISE (

Corrections and modifications were on the tracker.
PgEditor new version and the correction of security flaw are from djchouix.

v4.6.13 - 22 May 2010
#286 - initialization of the timezone with 'Europe/Paris' if version PHP >=5.1
#316 - file inc/ forgotten into 4.6.12
#323 - correction of posting in admin/inc/
#324 - correction of a bad character in admin/inc/, thanks Laroche
#325 - correction of the files of upload (continuation of #320)
#328 - correction of posting in inc/ if no ticket

v4.6.12 - 01 May 2010
#314 - in admin/inc/, correction of a tag </table without >
#315 - in inc/pgeditor/style/pgeditor.css, replacement of a value "undeline" by "underline"
#316 - NEW: Addition of the statistics of the previous month, visible at the end of one month
#317 - in admin/inc/, correction of the path of the icons of the minieditor
#318 - addition of the fields author and email in the page of administration of the articles
#319 - removal of the file admin/adminstrateur.php (only in the complete pack)
#320 - at the time of upload, the creation of directory is prohibited if the name of the repertory contains the word script
#321 - correction of the poll administration page , which lost the value of the selected skin
#322 - correction in inc/ for W3C validation

v4.6.11 - December 11th, 2009
#291 - typo correction in preg_match() in admin/editors/minieditortextarea/popup/image.php
#293 - typo correction in inc/
#294 - Document view secured in agenda.php by hpsam
#295 - pluginlist correction in admin/inc/
#297 - functions.php corrected: generation of mailto link by ForceToAbsolute_callback() function
#298 - lang/ of pack 4.6.10 reviewed as was incorrect in the patches
#299 - daily events summary corrected in inc/calendar.php, thank you Linuxmr
#300 - css error corrected as well as duplicate of rubric title in blogrss.php
#301 - selectDBFieldsBy functions optimised...
#302 - Empty link deleted in banners where undefined URL
#303 - blog boxes view optimised; hr in blog, and deleted
#304 - $admin53 replaced by $admin173 in, forum message modified
#305 - correction, in upload.php extensions in capital letters taken into account
#306 - test in inc/lang/ and corrected
#307 - forum view made reliable (distortions removed and div.code classes in pgeditor optimised) and width replaced by style=width in table cells of various scripts
#310 - added button to browse server for downloads in, thanks Linuxmr
#311 - correction of prag_match in admin/editors/minieditortextarea/popup/entities.php
- added no go button in scripts install, cleanup and delete.php
#312 - correction of display licence in download.php
#313 - added daily warning in administrateur.php to remember the removal of install directory
- updated all dates of copyright
v4.6.10 - September, 7th 2009
#253 - correction of the relative addresses of the images (img/, Inc/img/and photograph) in permanent addresses in the newsletter and flows RSS
#253 - correction of the relative addresses of the links in permanent addresses in the newsletter, flows RSS and supervision emails
#253 - correction of the anchors in the newsletter, which remains relative
#253 - correction of the function pubDate
#253 - correction of the UpdateDBBlog function
#256 - correction of management in zone members in postguest.php
#259 - correction of error.php following the patch 4.6.9
#260 - addition of the file install/migrate24.php
#262 - correction of the bonds during the change of language
#263 - addition of a function iconv when PHP < 5, thank you linuxmr
#266 - correction about the tests in the course of a repertory with the function to is_dir
#267 - correction of the taking into account of the language in FCKeditor
#268 - NEW: the Banners function becomes bilingual
#269 - correction of the management of the rights on the plugins for the writers
#271 - correction for the use of the quotes in the categories
#272 - replacement of the functions of family EREG depreciated starting from PHP 5.3
#273 - suppression of the popup vacuum in the blog, when the option "To mask the address enamel" is activated
#274 - correction of many files for a better conformity with the recommendations of the W3C
#275 - addition of freebox in the home page
#276 - updated FCKeditor to release  2.6.4
#278 - addition of images for the extension of files : pdf, doc, xls, ppt and OpenOffice
#279 - improvement of the tests on the URLS in General Config
#280 - improvement of the diary page in the event of erroneous parameters
#281 - impression of the central part of the pages with a dedicated stylesheet
#282 - improvement of duplication with creation of the new element after validation and not before
#283 - improvement of the test on REFERER it postguest.php
#285 - correction of management member of the blog in banner page
#287 - correction field not empty of FCKeditor
#288 - correction code of all blog boxes
#289 - correction css of head topic in thread.php, thanks Kamila
#290 - removal of first (or theard) column empty while displaying with two columns only

v4.6.9 - December, 25th 2008
- Correction of safety test in admin/inc/ #232
- Correction of the test displaying the RSS icon en administration #231
- Function ShowBlock moved to inc/functions.php #221
- correction of the ShowBlock function
- Function SearchOption moved to inc/functions.php #219
- Correction of TestEmail function in admin/inc/ #226
- Correction of discrepancies in statistics #218
- Addition / correction of the statistics for the pages Blog and Admin #216
- improvement of the checking of the variable $num in postguest.php #203
- Correction of the email used in the RSS #225
- Correction of the full page display mode of the blog #228
- Correction of the full page display mode of the forum #234
- improvement of the forum in case of subjec absent or archived #237
- Added calendar limitation in the blog from the first note till now #221
- Adde management of the non-existent pages of the blog #221
- Added checking of functions "Recommend this site" and "Mail PHP" #20
- Correction of items activation in the main menu #224
- Correction of some RSS feeds display #229
- addition of the field pubDate in flows RSS #240
- Added a test of security on the numeric parameters
- Added field URL of the site in the administration of the forum #241
- Many small corrections improving the compliance with W3C standards
- Improvement of the migration
- Optimization of the code of test of bank holidays
- Improvement of the function "Add to favourite (suggestions box #156)
- Remembering of the entry in case of already used pseudonym (suggestions box #160)

v4.6.8 - May, 10th 2008
- corrected plugins list in admin/adminredac.php and admin/inc/
- modified select in inc/ search engine in search.php
- put again dta of news (disapeared!) in inc/
- corrected link of popup dwnld in download.php
- added n° of topic, back to forum if no parameter in thread.php
- corrected HTTP_REFERER test, and supervision mails in postguest.php/
- corrected selecting comments in inc/
- deleted parameterss of the link to global list in blog.php
- corrected mistakes of $msg2 in admin/inc/
- corrected display of fortopic.php, inc/ and
- corrected htmlentities management of FCKeditor
- remplacing include by include_once for funcrss in and
- modified config2/ (generate automaticaly style.css if permitted)
- added create/erase subdirectory in
- new release of pgeditor

v4.6.7 - April, 23th 2008
- don't display useless icons in administration
- corrected bad html tags in generic.htm
- correction bug writing message in tinymsg.php
- corrected search module
- corrected bad tags br in postguest.php

v4.6.6 - April, 14th 2008
- Corrected processing $serviz31 in admin/inc/
- correctes syntax errors in config6 et
- W3C validation icons are now removable in
- added select for categories in
- corrected putBR() and putHR() functions for minieditor
- corrected language test in poll.php
- corrected include place of in pages/sample.php
- download possible if javascript not active et corrected caracteristics of the file in download.php
- deletion of useless clear:both et </p> in links news and faq
- corrected cursor in photorama.php
- deleted useless quote in body tag of photoview.php
- modification of updateDBdtb (new field date in blog) in
- created MAJ_BLOG.PHP to update the new field date of DBBLOG
- corrected notes select in
- display error if a note isn't active in blog.php
- corrected width and display of titles in blog.php, blog, blogcat and
- added attribute title in links of menu articles
- corrected couic of forum counter and test thread topic in postguest.php
- updated display of new and important in forum and thread.php
- corrected empty $fieldmod, update fields for supervision in inc/
- move onload adjust of calendar height to calendar.php for W3C compatibility
- minimyzed search width in topblog and
- added urlencode using all WriteMailto() functions
- corrected hpage.js for display of news and last news
- optimisation of hpage et to extend customisation facility
- corrected days of the month in
- corrected searching photos in
- corrected $err test in error.php
- added header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not found") when page not found, thanks eDada
- updated FCKeditor to release 2.5.1

v4.6.5 - December 5th, 2007
- Subscrition to newsletter with confirm message
- Added rich text in tinymsg to all members
- Corrected plugins list admin/plugins
- Corrected errored &fieldd1 et &admin915 in, thanks JeanMi
- Better URLs input in config1
- Updated texte[4] in config2
- Corrected $$serviz[36] added space to $serviz[31] in
- discard useless > in
- Corrected border attribut in
- Replacement of button by input class=bouton in
- Corrected Collaborator select in
- Corrected language test in inc/
- Corrected item title in spécial box
- Added blog in inc/
- Cancel useless flag in mobile
- Optimized display of last news (no display of the box if no news)
- Corrected mismatch display, delete display of read count if count unavailable in forum.php
- Changed headTop table by divs in, thanks JeanMi
- Corrected hardcoded itemsin download.php,, and
- Added stop on illegal input in printfaq.php
- Auto adjustment of iframe height in inc/
- Corrected bad define CHEMIN and secure access in tinymsg.php
- Corrected image display of stand alone note in blog.php
- added checking destroy all in admin/inc/
- added missing restriction to members in forum live

v4.6.4 - November 04, 2007
- fixed vulnerability of error.php found by irk4z
- fixed vulnerability of found by irk4z

v4.6.3 - August 30, 2007
- new: added duplicate for article, blog, news, etc... in, thanks JeanMi
- added administrator valivation for reaction on articles and blog comments
- Choice of newsletter is now in services config and test email server is optionnal
- you can display a plugin (or special box) in welcome page page, thanks JeanMi
- corrected links for supervision mails in postguest
- better mail test in newsletter.php and admin/inc/
- corrected copyright in
- corrected mistake in
- replacement of ouvrir and fermer par language strins in menus (articles, blog, faq, links and download)
- new strings in language files

v4.6.2 - August 1st, 2007
- corrected css-validator link in
- corrected screen_choice in
- corrected blog display and missing end of page in blogrss.php
- modification of select size in admin/inc/config6 and css rubr of
- new email testing process in newsletter.php
- test email corrected in newsletter listing
- corrected insert of CSS for IE in pgeditor
- corrected DBNEWS item in functions.php
- corrected p tag in agenda.php and inc/
- corrected some php short tags and bad xhtml tags forgotten

v4.6.1 - July 3, 2007
- corrected last message link in forum and fortopic.php
- corrected javascript in postguest.php
- corrected css attributes in
- corrected padding for rubr class in style.css of each skin
- corrected bug in IE editor
- modification of test anti-theaf of cookie in
- corrected thread modification in
- corrected accentuated characters management in FCKeditor config
- corrected PathAbs() in functions.php
- corrected supervision mails in postguest.php
- added strip_tags for all scripts names wanted by icons menu
- added search for blog and comments in search.php
- updated e-mail checking in newsletter.php
- optimization of integrity check
- corrected bad link for articles in funcrss.php
- adding automatically new boxes (if needed) in boxes config
- corrected many bad xhtml tags

v4.6.0 - 15 fevrier 2007
- NEW : Guppy has now it's own blog !!!
- new forum release more efficient, with it's own configuration page (with charter)
- edition of the posts by their respective authors and the admin/mod&eacute;rateurs
- access to the fast administration for the collaborators
- added optionnal charter display in fortopic module
- standard XHTML compliance
- change TypeTool wysiwyg editor by FCKeditor, much in
- replacement of the admin mini-editor
- replacement of the wywiwyg editor of postguest
- new photo et photorama modules
- corrected display bug in download, faq and links modules
- corrected vulnerability of archbatch.php and nwlmail.php
- optional posting of the licence when downloading protected software
- more efficient accessibility and better management with javascript disabled
- choice of displayed page width (1024 or full size)
- choice of full width display for forum and blog
- correction of the calendar
- improvement of the boxes positions (on top, at the bottom, in the center, on the sides)
- management of the skins individualized and coupled with the boxes positions
- integrated management of the style sheet css (generation, modification)
- added plugins management rights for writers
- added disconnect/reconnect in user box with temporary save of your cookie
- contact webmaster via the majority of messengers software
- improved choice of the preferred message of the gold book in home page
- improvement of the characters accentuated treatment in the name/pseudo
- corrected php short tags for php5 compatibility

v4.5.19 - November 10 2007
- correct error.php vulnerabilties discovered by rgod

v4.5.18 - April 1, 2007
- correct FAQ member area
- correct links mailto in Recommend and Webmaster contact mails
- correct display bug of poll section in case of a second vote with IE
- correct a link in the mobile version
- Pseudo is readonly when you modify your account. In other case a new member is create.
- Delete in admin counters the text over central box wich don't need to be here
- correct function PathToImage()
- correct 30 or 31 february display in calendrar

v4.5.17 - 31 Janvier 2007
- correction vulnerability of error.php found by rgod
- correction


v4.5.16 - January 28, 2007
- correct function PathToImage()
- correct
- correct download.php - faq.php - links.php
- add function IncrNextID() to avoid crushing an old document at the time of the creation of a new document

v4.5.15 - 27 January 2007
- correction in case of one element in article in the left article box.
- correct the invertion between creation and modification in FAQ
- correct news in secund language
- correct photorama for inbriqued galery
- correct calendar box show if agenda is not activated.
- correct postguest to disalow pust in unactivated services.
- correct dwnld.php (&serviz[10] instead of &serviz[35])
- improvement of list of the subscribers to the neswletter
- presentation of the most recent subscribers at the beginning of list
- possibility of multiple deletions in only one action
- presentation of the list by page of a maximum of 25 subscribers
- correct tinymsg.php (deletion of the maxlength=&quot;10&quot;)
- improvement of the PathToImage function to also correct the urls links

v4.5.14 - Mai 19, 2006
- updating errors of 4.5.13 patch

v4.5.13 - Mai 19, 2006
- correction of the files download.php, faq.php, links.php and
- correction of the test prohibiting the use of the pseudo &quot;Your Name&quot; in newsletter.php
- replacement of getenv(&quot;HTTP_USER_AGENT&quot;) by &_SERVER[&quot;HTTP_USER_AGENT&quot;] in
- suppression of the posting of the reactions for the non-members in articles.php
- correction of posting in photorama.php
- correction of the activation of news RSS in
- correction of the agenda for the second language
- improvement of the search engine to respect the restrictions &quot;members&quot;

v4.5.12 - March 9, 2006
- correction vulnerability of dwnld.php found by

v4.5.11 - December 25, 2005
- correction second language in search.php
- correction of the initialization of the parameters of the anti-spam
- correction of the forced color with white for the icon &quot;minus&quot; of the downloads
- correction of a test in the admin of the diary/calendar
- standardization of the pages downloads, links and faq
- filling of the cells of the calendar beyond the last day of the month
- addition of a warning for the administrator when its site is in work
- addition of controls in case of files absent, empty or corrupted
Suggestions box n&deg;63
- interdition of the indexing of the error and newsrss pages by the robots
Suggestions box n&deg;48
- suppression of the underlining of the current page in the bar of navigation
Suggestions box n&deg;64
- addition of the text of the response on a subject of the forum in the mall of follow-up of a subject
Suggestions box n&deg;46
- correction of the return systematically in principal language at the time of the inscription of a visitor
Suggestions box n&deg;70
- addition of a posting unfolded when one reaches only one page of downloads (by &pg=99)
- addition of a posting unfolded when one reaches only one page of links (by &pg=99)
- addition of a posting unfolded when one reaches only one page of faq (by &pg=99)
Suggestions box n&deg;28
- addition of the choice of the state (active or not) of the elements created in admin.

v4.5.10 - November 29, 2005
- correction of 5 vulnerabilties by rgod

v4.5.9 - November 27, 2005
- correction of the selector of colors
- correction of the menus articles under FireFox
- minor corrections in many files
- improvement of the archiving of the forum and the control of integrity
- improvement of postguest.php

v4.5.8 - October 16, 2005
- correction in postguest.php (add the missing break)

v4.5.7 - October 8, 2005
- correction of the poll
- improvement of the mechanism anti-spam
- addition of the parameter setting of the mechanism anti-spam
- correction of a input tag not closed in admin.php
- correction of a head tag badly placed in calendar.php

v4.5.6a - September 28, 2005
- correction of printfaq.php

v4.5.6 - September 27, 2005
- correction of a vulnerability &quot;file transverse flaw&quot; in printfaq.php
- correction of the error count during the control of integrity in batch
- correction of two spelling mistakes in
- improvement of the editor (meta and script) and the preview (flash)

v4.5.5 - September 10, 2005
- correction of the admin. pages of the counters
- correction of the newsletter (addition of the charset)

v4.5.4 - September 6, 2005
- correction of two faults of safety (error.php and printfaq.php) Thank you Romano
- final correction of the diary/calendar (see readme_agenda.txt)
- final correction of the editor

v4.5.3a - 30 August 2005
- correction of the diary into admin/inc/

v4.5.3 - 27 August 2005
- correction of the path of the file RSS (addition of data) thank you Tanet
- correction of the diary/calendar
- correction of the editor (taken into account of the path images, conversion n <=>
into entry and exit)
- correction of General Config (suppression of : = &quot;&quot; // Libre)
- correction of the couic putting the number of answers of the forum at 0 during physical suppressions
- improvement of the shortened news (now in HTML)
- standardization of the bar of navigation (files of the forum and &quot;mobile&quot; part)
- improvement of the control of integrity by batch
- addition of a mechanism anti-spam for all the posts

v4.5.2 - 23 July 2005
- configuration in Config.Services of the number of files to be preserved in data/error
- configuration in Config.Home of the number of characters of the news
- correction of the class CSS of the categories on Download page and Links
- correction of the class CSS of information (dates, counter...) on Articles page
- correction of the path for the correct operation of the &quot;shortcut ico&quot;
- simplification of the selector of image which accepts the sub-directories recursively of img and photo (removal of the files listimg1.php and listimg2.php)
- addition automatic of &quot;/&quot; final of the URL of the site
- improved the e-mails of supervision of the newsletter (e-mail in HTML + links usable)
- correction of the path of the image used by the plugin speed .
- suppression of the r forgotten in inc/mail/ and inc/mail/

v4.5.1 - 07 July 2005
- Corrected collapsed categories list in photorama
- optimized RSS news: new display with ceating date (thanks Tanet)
- corrected mail sending process where needed in many scripts
- corrected inverted summary between Italic and Underline in TypeTool editor
- corrected a typing mistake and modified some pathes in postguest editor (thanks Djchouix)
- Corrected writer connexion (it was able even if Writer option not checked!)
- Corrected eMailHtmlTo() function to include real sender in webmaster mail and recommend)

v4.5.0 - 4 May 2005
- Display managements lists with 25 items a page
- Select actions by check boxes and global execution for all the page
- Separate manager and writer connexion and better multi-management
- New search engine with direct display of items found
- Extension of quick management to all scripts
- Checking tinymsg addresses to prevent mail usurpation
- Partial news on home page (with &quot;see more&quot;)
- Dowload, links and FAQ updated as Nicolas's fork
- Now the articles boxes stay opened on the selected article
- Optimization admin editors (popup option) and easier insert of others editors
- Added preview in admin mini-editor
- Optimization postguest editor (newline, forbidden tags, cite, code, preview...)
- Corrected second language of the calendar, today highlighted only for current date
- Added &quot;alt&quot; (thanks Hubby) and title on calendar days
- On the calendar, clicking month name displays month planner, day displaying a summary of an event
- Corrected Planner: displaying events of current month year+1 in now correct
- Compatibility with new PHP releases (whatever are &quot;register_globals&quot;, register_long_array&quot;, &quot;register_notice&quot;)
- Better security in icludes ans constants
- Possible flash banners
- Supervision mails with HTML tags
- Sending mails in multi-formant (text + HTML).
- New webmaster mail and optimized recommendation
- Added reading link on supervision mails
- Newsletter with HTML tags
- Style ans skins optimized by using more div ans css

v4.0 - 06 December 2004
- New WYSIWYG editor also running with Mozilla and sons... for admin articles.
- Different admin levels
- Admin icon in content for quick access on all document (for webmaster only)
- optional members management
- forum and guestbook posts submitted to administrator
- form to write to the webmaster
- agenda integrated with new calendar
- title different on each page
- new tiny messages manager
- new tiny WYSIWYG editor for forum, news, guestbook...
- more efficient counters management
- Best looking forum, and so for all other pages

v3.0p4 - September 06 2004
- limitation of the size of the inputs of the visitors

v3.0p3 - July 29 2004
- solved a security issue (found by L0rd L4m3R)

v3.0p2 - 9 April 2004
- Compatibility fix: now GuppY is fully compatible with Abyss webserver, KF Web Server, IIS and probably with other web servers (thanks Kromonos and lordloose)
- removed 2 debug information lines forgotten during v3.0 development in the Search script (thanks Realia)
- bug fix in the CSS style sheet (thanks Ouly)
- bug fix in the GuppY skins which fooled Netscape (by Icare)
- corrected the demo database in which some documents had parasitic "" characters
- removed the empty URL link display in the reaction box (thanks Realia)
- corrected "adress" typo mistake to "address" in admin minieditor (thanks JeanMi)

v3.0p1 - 26 February 2004
- bug fix (appeared with v3.0) in migration from v2.3 to v2.4, now migrates correctly the doc[n].inc files
- bug fix, now checks e-mail correctly in the VerifyForm() function in user preferences
- bug fix, now includes Protomail class only once in the mail() management
- ergonomic fixes in the e-mails sent when a user subscribes to the newsletter
- bug fix, if no icons set selected, then do not display news image in the RSS news module
- include only once reglobals if required (time saving when in admin)

v3.0 - 25 February 2004
- added a &quot;skins&quot; themes system for boxes (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau). Thanks to Ricsen for designing the submit buttons
- added a newsletter functionality with inscription form (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- added a logbook monitoring admin tool (by B@lou, Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- date format display fix in the mobile forum script (by B@lou)
- added possibility to put all boxes on the right side in the user preferences
- added GuppY copyright information on all pages because too many people were hiding that their website was built with GuppY or were definitely usurping the copyright confused.
- pages compression introduced in v2.4 is now an admin option
- created a plugins management system to ease the integration of plugin scripts to GuppY
- changed sample external files to plugins
- added 2 new options for dynamic list menu (thanks Graznok and Icare)
- added UID management for Tiny Messages
- added check for &quot;(&quot;, &quot;)&quot; and &quot;;&quot; characters to avoid Javascript pollution attempts in URL input for guestbook (security improvement)
- added check for too long words (to avoid display misalignment) in user posts, in tiny messages and in user preferences
- Compatibility with php.ini register_globals=off parameter (thanks JonnyQuest)*
- Friendly thanks (but late... because I had forgotten where I had found it!) to Pascal aka &quot;Le Sorcier&quot; ( for the miniportail_1 counter images set (the very first set, included as from version 1.0!)
- also added a new progress bar for pages loading from Pascal aka &quot;Le Sorcier&quot; as well as another one which I do not remember where I found it...
- new batch processing option for the database integrity check
- fixed a bug in the DB integrity check that was so tricky that I just cannot find words to describe it...
- added check for valid forum category in user posts (security enhancement)
- new forum archiving and displaying of this archive module (please note that the search module does not scan the archived forum threads)
- added an option for a &quot;Please Wait...&quot; message while a post is being processed and a check to avoid redundant posting (thanks Icare)
- added a new pages/ directory to put external webpages in (instead of putting them in file/ rather dedicated to files downloads)
- simplified language switch source code in the language selection box
- added focus in tiny message input area (by B@lou)
- fixed bug in search non working for News and Photos
- news are now be published in the RSS standard Web content syndication format instead of a GuppY specific format (thanks Palmipod). This module uses the great GPL licensed lastRSS 0.6 PHP class to parse RSS files (by Vojtech Semecky,, http/
- added an links animation effect option (thanks reddog)
- replaced &REQUEST_URI global variable by &SCRIPT_NAME for IIS compatibility (thanks Erik)
- changed &web30 and &web115 labels for better understanding (thanks FabriceV)
- added Title meta tag management (thanks Tanet and Realia)
- upgraded the printable version of articles (thanks tuture and B@lou)
- bug fix in the user preferences that would hide forum signature in a very specific case (thanks bugs974)
- automated return after posting (thanks Icare)
- added 2 new PHP mail() functions standard formats
- thanks to Realia for correcting the French spelling of the lisezmoi.txt file and to Neil for correcting my English in this readme.txt file
- thanks to Realia for upgrading the demo database
- thanks to the GuppY Team members for their hard beta testing!
- first developed plugins in addition to the sample plugins:
- live chat plugin (by Nicolas Alves) - NOTICE: separate download
- postcards plugin (by Nicolas Alves) - NOTICE: separate download
- radios plugin (by Nicolas Alves) - NOTICE: separate download
- music plugin (by Nicolas Alves) - NOTICE: separate download

v2.4p4 - 4 October 2003
- Various security corrections (by frog-m@n,, thanks)

v2.4p3 - 29 September 2003
- upgraded the ob_gzhandler functionality (compression of pages), now is done only if relevant (do not trust PHP and browsers anymore)
- added an e-mail add-on for standard PHP mail() function, allowing to send follow-up e-mails to more than one receiver

v2.4p2 - 28 September 2003
- bug correction = some users were suffering from very slow displaying of webpages, it is fixed now (thanks Nicol@s and Arnaud)
- bug correction = counter follow-up e-mail sends back counter value
- bug correction = buttons bar would not appear correctly (centered instead of left aligned) if Stats button was not displayed (Thanks Raiponce)
- Translation upgrade = upgraded a French string (thanks FabriceV)
- bug correction = the search engine would return no answer if the site was monolingual (thanks Laorens)
- XSS security correction in the posting module (by Das,, thanks)

v2.4p1 - 26 September 2003
- bug correction = now script works
- bug correction = now the Stats module counts back the Number of Visitors
- bug correction = now [ back] works after forum thread posting
- bug correction = in mobile version, if no site logo, HTML code is now good (thanks Miche)
- bug correction = some users could not post messages in the guestbook or forum, it is fixed now

v2.4 - 24 September 2003
- added &quot;Page loading&quot; popup
- visitors counter now increments even if counter box not displayed
- show pseudo of users online
- added an icon for articles and news
- added Search in one language only option
- added a new smileys theme
- added section icon in central boxes
- added forum summary on home page (last messages)
- moved homepage parametrization from General config to Services config
- added Guestbook's favourite message on home page
- added homepage's choice of central boxes (homepage box, last news box, forum in live box, favourite guestbook message box)
- added a Config homepage icon in admin
- changed mailto box to default pages' background color (no more white background)
- split dynamic menu line if line too long
- renamed Left and Right Articles boxes to 1st and 2nd Articles boxes
- added react to an article option
- added character set management in all parts it was forgotten: editor, table, special characters, e-mail popup, image picker (thanks Pavol)
- replaced &quot;Webpage Preview&quot; string in the editor by string translated in the adequate language
- upgraded the image picker
- added access to the Image Picker in the admin basic editor
- corrected a bug in the mobile version: the showing of articles for each of the 2 articles boxes is now fine (thanks Hubert)
- added alternative label for language flag images
- added alternative label for site's logo image (name of the site)
- fixed a bug in the DB integrity check that occured when the last document was created but not recorded in the indexes
- changed the tile of the &quot;Webmaster/Site Info&quot; box by the shorter &quot;Webmaster&quot; (thanks Realia)
- dynamic menus are now centered in articles boxes (thanks Pavol)
- smileys now appear when content's text needs to be displayed in the admin's documents list (thanks Pavol)
- added a new &quot;windy&quot; counter set (thanks C&eacute;sar) and a new &quot;sunflower&quot; counter set (thanks Realia)
- the information of box belonging (1st or 2nd) given for articles in the admin's documents list (thanks Pavol)
- added option for choosing Articles mark in articles boxes (thanks Pavol)
- added Hide Admin Button (by Nicolas Alves)
- added Quick Article Admin Access (by Nicolas Alves)
- &quot;Become a member&quot; button label becomes &quot;Your preferences&quot; if user registered (by Nicolas Alves)
- show user name in the user box option (by Nicolas Alves)
- registered users can decide if they wish to appear in the online users list or not (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- tiny messages can be sent to online registered users (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- added number of times an article was read (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- added number of times a forum thread was read (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- added number of times a file was downloaded (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau). This counter does not work with the mobile version.
- added backup counter for next forum thread number
- upgraded eMailTo() function to accept additional specific e-mailing according to providers
- added the &quot;-f&quot; parameter in the e-mail sending function (thanks Michel)
- the eMailTo() functions works for the webhoster (with the use of the Protomail library, GPL licensed)
- added forum personalized signature for registered users
- call to documents in database is no more done through an include() PHP function call but through a ReadDoc() dedicated function
- fully reviewed all the Read & Write files access functions
- added category ordering information for FAQ
- added GetCurrentDateTime() and FormatDate() functions to ease various date and time formatings
- added new date formats and created time formats
- important source code upgrade in the inc/config[n].inc scripts
- added lookup for png and bmp images in IsImage() function
- removed style sheet CSS from inc/ and put it in a new inc/ file
- corrected a bug in the search script which would always say that articles found were in the 1st box (thanks Pavol)
- for faster output, pages are compressed before being sent to the web browser (for websites running PHP >= 4 and for web browsers which are able to work with compressed pages)
- secured command line parameters (Secunia Advisory: SA9621 about the lng parameter)
- added 3 additional free boxes (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- made many changes in all scripts to decrease size of database files

v2.3p1 - 03 August 2003
- corrected bug in which next page link button in mobile news was wrong (thanks airhero)
- bug correction: replaced include(&quot;;) by include(&quot;inc/;) in (thanks Eddie)

v2.3 - 27 July 2003
- added dynamic/list menu option
- user news post: even if written in one language, put the news in both languages (until the webmaster translates it)
- added three new smileys themes
- added two new icons themes (thanks B@lou and Florent)
- added case of only ONE news displayed on homepage (thanks Laurent Roger)
- added direct jump to pages (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- changed from &quot;tutoiement&quot; to &quot;vouvoiement&quot; in the French language strings (thanks Realia)
- minor font and text formating changes in search, quotations, general pages (thanks Realia and Nicolas)
- fixed security issue (thanks frog-m@n)
- fixed install script bug that would not launch home page when install files are erased
- added a &quot;no logo&quot; option
- WYSIWIG editor highly upgraded (by Nicolas Alves)
- added a calendar box (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- option for choosing the number of items to display in news, forum threads, links, downloads, FAQ and Guestbook moved from Site Config to Services Config
- homogenized central and lateral boxes rendering
- bug correction: accepts e-mails like &quot; (accept &quot;-&quot; character). The check for the e-mail is not as exhaustive as it used to be but it checks for most bad input cases
- added quotations style management (by Nicolas Alves and Realia)
- added forms style management (by Nicolas Alves)
- removed link on counter's numbers in counter box
- changed from unformal &quot;you&quot; to polite &quot;you&quot; in the French version of this readme.txt file (by Realia)
- added a first lever of user preferences management by cookie
- added US date format management (thanks to Julien and to Realia for relaying the information)
- added choice for letting visitors submit news or not
- added search focused on one category (forum, articles, news...)
- added a manual maintainance form for changing characteristics of a document (creation and modification dates, author and e-mail)
- added basic editor capabilities for user input and in admin area (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- smileys are now inserted at cursor position and no more at the end of text
- removed automated ErrorDocument management in .htaccess file for Apache servers (thanks Miche)
- upgraded WriteMailTo() function for better SPAM protection (thanks Michel)
- bug fix, papers from right articles boxes would not appear when left articles boxes was not active
- developed a GuppY extension adapted to Palm display capabilities (thanks Palmipod). Furthermore, this light display version is adequate for our blind friends who can now easily read a GuppY web site (thanks Hubert)
- images in side boxes are now always seen even if in the admin area (thanks Realia)
- added charset meta tag in the HTML print friendly version of articles (thanks Pavol)
- upgraded the d'installation / migration script
- added two new sample external scripts which integrate with GuppY (by Realia)
- if no category for an article, remove parenthesis in print friendly version of the article (thanks Realia)
- added an external script example integrated with GuppY which displays the news of the aldweb Site
- changed the order of Admin icons from a French alphabeutical sorting to one wanted to be more logical (thanks B@lou)

v2.2 - 18 APril 2003
- bug fix: &quot;Times New Roman, serif&quot; instead of wrong &quot;Time New Roman, serif&quot; (thanks Realia)
- bug fix: now current hour stats are also reset when required in Admin
- added thread message being answered to for reminder in
ipstats.dtb et ippoll.dtb
- changed source code for all accesses to the foreach() PHP function for compatibility with PHP3 as foreach() only works with PHP4
- changed source code for all accesses to the pathinfo() PHP function for compatibility with PHP3 as pathinfo() only works with PHP4
- renamed all &service[] variables to &serviz[] (for strange compatibility problems with some local Linux, the Mandrake one if I remember well)
- automatic directory change in Upload area (no more need to press a button for changing of directory)
- click on text formating tag copies tag to text in user post form
- new color selector in Site Config (by Nicolas Alves)
- added a WYSIWYG editor for content in Admin area (by Nicolas Alves, who worked from a script basis whose original author is very badly unknown => we would have loved to ask for his approval and to thank him!)
- some cleanup in the images organization has been made
- rewrote the install script which is now a real clean install and migration script

v2.1 - 10 March 2003
- fixed bug where Site URL and Meta Identifier URL were inverted
- fixed a bug in which Javascript functions could lead to errors if single quotes were passed to these Javascript functions
- click on smiley copies smiley to text (by Nicolas Alves)
- management of 40x errors (for Apache web server only)
- added a counter theme management (by Nicolas Alves)
- added a color management for the side scroll bar (by Nicolas Alves)
- focus on first field in input forms (by B@lou & Laurent Duveau)
- fully rewrote the database integrity check and repair module

v2.0 - 27 February 2003
- bug correction of the data validation in the user input forms
- set background color to transparent for the About and DB Check icons
- added metatags management (by Nicolas Alves & Laurent Duveau)
- added fixed background image option (thanks Maxrebo)
- site logo is no more a must, you can set up a site without a top left image logo now
- the admin cookie is now automatically unactivated when closing the browser, no more a 24 hours survival duration (thanks Marc)
- photos: corrected image file size calculation and merged the two boxes for photo displaying into one single box
- added three new icons themes, one was made by B@lou
- upgraded the Icon themes management (thanks Alex)
- added auxiliary indexes rebuild in index database rebuild
- added freebox and photo search
- added links to jump back in thread and forum (by Alex)
- removed input form on postguest form return & added back button to it
- added a Go back to Top of page link at bottom of pages
- added slogan display (thanks &szlig;ugs)
- added a more sophisticated photo display management (with photo description)
- added fortopic.php log (I forgot it in v1.9) and photorama.php log in Stats Log
- added a system for e-mail addresses encryption (protection against SPAM) even though they appear fine on the browser's window

v1.9 - 11 February 2003
- added update of statsbk.dtb and reset of ipstats.dtb when the visits counter value is manually modified
- in the admin services selection, category for forum presentation was slighly changed for showing better that it is a sub option of Forum area
- forum category added in the supervision e-mail sending
- a few minor bugs were fixed
- added a banners management
- added an extra box (so called 'free box')
- added an 'about' popup window
- database integrity check tool
- added an icons theme management

v1.8 - 05 February 2003
- changed the title's text for forum thread in admin (the text was not correct)
- title removed from Forum answers (was not needed and increased database size)
- corrected bug where search result to forum thread would go in error
- put back in inc/img/ the smileys that were removed by mistake in version 1.7
- bug correction in the eMailTo() function call, in counter box and visit
language without going back to index page (thanks Alex)
- changed a PHP function call to have GuppY compatible with PHP version < 4.1.0
- &quot;invisible&quot; bug fixed in search box

v1.6 - 23 January 2003
- new languages available: Spanish and Dutch
- improved translation: Anglais
- added a popup window to help choosing RGB colors
- slightly updated the supervision e-mail formating sent for guestbook
- added news publishing option for external sites (please refer to getmpnews.php script file)
- added transition effect option between pages (for IE browser only, no effect on the other browsers)
- display 10 forum messages rather than 5
- added option to let poster choose to hide or show his e-mail address on the site
- corrected bug that would not save ICQ number when it was entered
- added timer &quot;page loaded in n.nn seconds&quot; information
- wrote a migration script from version 1.5 to version 1.6

v1.5 - 10 January 2003
- remplaced the Lynx and WebTV browsers by iCab and DA
- upgraded the counter by creating a backup of its value in case it would be accidentaly deleted
- remplaced Hits by Visitors in the Stats module
- URL of guestbook posters now opens in a new broser's window

v1.4 - 07 January 2003
- upgraded the sent text in the supervision e-mails (stripslashes) for easier reading
- the counter supervision e-mail is now only sent one time
- upgraded the Stats module by creating one log file per hour (to avoid loosing too much data in case this file was accidentaly erased)
- bug correction in tracking hits

v1.3 - 06 January 2003
- bug correction in the Stats module (news, links, photos, poll, search and stats were counted as index)
- corrected version number of GuppY in the header of the readme.txt file
- added supervision services (the web site sends e-mails to the webmaster)
- use databases frth.dtb and forum.dtb introduced with v1.2 for quicker work on forum threads posts

v1.2 - 5 January 2003
- upgraded the displaying speed of all pages by creating an intermediate table that holds the information needed by the articles box
- accelerated the displaying speed of the Forum option
- fully rewrote the Statistics option that prooved to be much too slow for a web site that would have more than about 10 visitors per day.

v1.1 - 2 January 2003
- patch to avoid users to add records simultaneously on the same files (main problem found in the Stats)
- Users Post forms' look & feel upgraded (was not be beautiful for screen resolution inferior to 1024x768)

v1.0 - 30 December 2002
- initial release

Creation date : 06/12/2004 @ 04:00
Last update : 29/03/2012 @ 16:28
Category : GuppY
Page read 41480 times

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