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How to choose the size of diesel watch  -  da keepers15

Modern watches range in size large, male exemplar diameter from 36mm to 52mm, in the end how much the size of the watch was positive for your wrist? I love the table in this Jiaoninyizhao, follow these two steps.
Step one: Measure your wrist size
You should use a soft tape measure your wrist (should be tightly wrapped) next to the wrist bone prominent positions, as shown in FIG.
If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a soft rope or Diesel Watches a soft paper around the wrist corresponding position, keep in mind that you must wear a wrist watch, everyone is generally different thickness around the wrist.
Step two: conversion formula is determined for the size of your wrist watch
- Converting step measuring 1 millimeter to the size of the unit. For example: 16 centimeters to 160 mm.
- You use the path you want to buy a digital wristwatch to remove this number, for example: you want to buy a diameter of 38 mm dress watch, and your wrist circumference of 160mm, the result would be 160: 38 = 4. 2, a figure I call The index for the case.
- According to the results we will be able to determine whether the watch size fit your wrist. Case index range best for you from 4-5; less than 4, then watch too, then watch more than 5 would be too small. For example: your wrist size 160mm. So the size of 32 mm to 40mm watch is right for you to wear.
Suitable strap length:
Traditional men's watch strap lengths from 196 mm to 241 mm. Under normal circumstances, the skin surface with a plurality of pin buckle perforated to accommodate a variety of different size wrist. The kind of metal strap, also to be connected together are often many links together. Vintage bracelets, often encounter plus a loose, remove one they feel tight, so you should try to choose those that can trim the length of the bracelet watch, so it is suitable for your wrist. Also, please keep the section you removed the diesel watches outlet bracelet was the first this stuff is not cheap, just a steel chain to be hundreds, the second, who is also Paul allowed your future more crude fat wrist, right? Of course, if you want to buy any diesel watches, please tell us, we will give you many good idea and Discount promotions.
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