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How to adjust the time and date of Diesel watch  -  da keepers15

Before you want to know how to adjust the time Diesel watch, you have to figure out which specific series or model.
Currently Diesel watch the transfer time methods are roughly Diesel Watches divided into mechanical watches and quartz watch
Diesel mechanical watches
Pull out a file is the tone of the week and date, pull out the second gear is the transfer time.
First, after 24 hands in a semi-circle, the time at 22: 00 to 2: 00 not directly transfer date, this date may be damaged gear. Will be transferred outside of the time 10 pm -2 points.
Diesel quartz watch
For non-calendar watch, when second run to the 12 o'clock position, pull out the crown and turn it clockwise to adjust the time. If there is no second, for the accuracy of the time can be adjusted to the minute before you want to adjust the time of two minutes at a good time after the transfer push back the crown.
For calendar watches, the crown pulled out a little point, you can adjust the week clockwise and counterclockwise Diesel women's watches adjust the date, pull the crown to the outside, you can adjust the time.
Adjust Precautions:
Ready to adjust the time before, please note: In case of using the screw-down crown of the watch, do not pull hard, turn counter-clockwise to open the lock of the crown after adjusting the time, will turn the crown clockwise and Push lock to avoid water.
Second, pay attention to the mechanical watch movement restricted in the evening 21: 00- 4: 00 am, during the week and calendar adjustment should not, because in this period of weeks, the calendar switching gear in the opposite direction for a long time can damage internal parts adjustment.
Follow the above matters, we can easily adjust the diesel watch’s time and date.
Pubblicato il 21/09/2015 @ 05:37  
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