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DIESEL POWERED products the device using a little stylus  -  da keepers15

In case you are the sort of person which won't want to bring to numerous items inside his / her storage compartments, specifically any cellular phone, properly with we have good news for you! Since late 2008, they are now few cell phones watches available on the market but at that time, they were very heavy and expensive. The good news is that since summer 2009; you can buy Diesel women's watches the costs few dollars more. It is actually one of the cheapest wrist watch mobile phone available. The main difference between the 2 phones is that the AK09 integrates a photo camera and a video recorder.For this price you get a 1.3" touch screen (128*160 pixels) watch with a plastic case and strap. The design is very classic; it looks like an old bulky Diesel watch from the eighties. But the interest of the watch is not in its design, but on what is has to offer: it's actually a fully functional tri-band GSM, with Bluetooth, USB and GPRS/WAP connections. It can send SMS and MMS and you can even go on the Internet with the standard WAP browser. For sure, you don't get the convenience of a 3.2" touch screen like on most of the phones, but it is there if you need it.At rest the phone watch displays time, if you tap the screen or press one of the command buttons, it will switch to the phone mode. Each time you push a command, it will move Diesel watches mens to another phone function. As the display is very small, DIESEL supplies the phone with a tiny stylus. You can still manage to dial a phone number with the finger, but it is mandatory to use the stylus to write a message.Watches are among the top jewelry items that are most acceptable for men to wear.
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