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Working His SEO In Baidu  -  da aarondarcy

A website that wants to be visible in China must ensure a good ranking in Baidu. Many criteria are common to Google and Baidu but there are some differences.   If Google is ubiquitous in much of the world for any Internet search, Baidu is the No. 1 in China, garnering the support of 70% of requests. And like Google, Baidu has become a verb - users type their search and then click on "Baidu it".   Therefore, a website that wants to be visible in China must ensure a good ranking in Baidu. Numerous criteria are common to both engines Google and Baidu but there are some differences.   Treat more his speed display Load times affect the SEO of a site in Google in as Baidu, but for the latter, it is of particular importance. The search engine goes a very limited time on each site to index it and it is essential that in this period, it is time to see a maximum.   Unfortunately, it is very difficult to assess the actual performance of its website in China. Although Baidu offers a tool, Baidu, which outlines his vision for a site and allows monitor load times and receive real-time alerts via email or SMS, it is only available in Chinese.   In addition, China, a number of factors affect the load time, as the distance between the countries of Europe, the filtering performed by the Great Firewall government, and the problem of disparity of network infrastructures. Be hosted in China can be a solution, but it is not enough for a good seo services in Lahore.   Place the top of the page content for SEO The fact that the search engines spend a limited time on each site means that instead of content on a page is very important. The engine scans the first 100 kilobits about a page, so the main information and the best keywords should appear at the top of the page. Already in Google, instead of information gives the search engine an indication of its importance - you generally must find the top of the main page of abordés- themes, but in Baidu, instead of information can decide the engine to reference a website or not.   Check the bounce rate If the fact that a search engine quickly leaves a site is bad for its SEO, it is the same for stealth surfers. If the bounce rate is high, Baidu will judge the site of poor quality and will reference accordingly. Internet users leave a site for lack of interest, but also because the performance is not at the rendezvous. Search engines do not have the means to make the distinction, so if a site is slow; it is classified as a site with poor content.   Optimize for consultation on mobile Mobile Accessibility is important for SEO, but most of the research carried out from a mobile phone, this is especially true in China -which has more mobile users than Internet users in two years- and Baidu . A well-designed site for mobile users increases its conversion rate, which is already interesting and in addition it allows him to appear in the top results of search engines.   The Great Firewall, censorship, and legal compliance Baidu does not index the content blocked for Chinese Internet users. It also strongly censor its content, using a mix of automated algorithms and manual processes. It attaches importance to ensure not to broadcast anti-government content, or for adults linked to the game. All content marked as such will affect the whole of the SEO of the site that will be probably de-indexed and will therefore be unavailable for the Chinese Internet.   A site that does not offer adult content and is not related to the game world is not so far away from censorship, it can be considered wrong by mistake and also be blocked or de-indexed. A person image taking a sunbath or even piglets have already earned some websites being censored by the Great Firewall, the algorithm has detected a large area of ​​color flesh on these images that he then equated naked people. Other errors are also common and can cause serious problems, such as an event organizer that promotes an operation around the game and hosts pictures of this animation or even a production company that would shot a film in a casino.   The images are not the only ones to be censured, the words too. Chinese authorities regularly censor websites using keywords that they have banned, leading to sites penalized in the ranking of search Baidu, or just blocked.   Baidu is also closely scrutinized by the Chinese authorities of the Internet and the engine has recently established new limits in sponsoring research to comply with the law.   Register a .cn domain and pay attention to sub doma
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Commento n. 1  -   da  Saha il 21/07/2017 @ 09:06

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